Just keep swimmin’

It’s summer here in Aus and we have definitely had a few scorchers! I’ve done my fair share of exploring and with the help of my book Wild Swimming, I’m going to share with you a few of my favourites starting from those closest to Sydney to the ones that are a little further out. This is probably a post more for those who love the quiet, peaceful, secret Sydney swimming spots.

Little Bay Beach, Little Bay 


Little Bay Beach (adequately named) is one of my favourite go-to beaches as it’s just a bus ride away from the CBD and parking is not a pain. #sydneystandards

The beach is quite tucked away, leaving it clear, still and an ideal place to snorkel. The western end has a beautiful rock pool and the eastern end has another small, more uneven beach. As it is a little further out than Sydney’s iconic beaches, it is definitely quieter (don’t let the picture fool you, it was 40 degrees in the middle of school holidays). Little Bay Beach is seemingly always clean and has also got pretty great bathroom and shower facilities, making it the perfect place for a quiet dip and scenic picnic.

Goburra Pool, Heathcote 


One of the best parts of living in Sydney is that you’re just a little drive away from the Royal National Park. This hidden gem is the perfect reward for walking (in my case, stumbling) down a track which is only a short walk from Heathcote Station. Just down the western end of Oliver St, Heathcote is a small wooden bridge and a track which runs parallel to a pipeline making it easy to navigate. The turn off is easy to miss but there are other opportunities to go to Elbow Pond (which means you’ve gone too far!) or Lake Eckersley. Either way the water is so beautifully clear apart from the small tadpole and fish fleeting around and one of the best parts about freshwater watering holes is that you don’t bring back a ridiculous amount of sand with you after your swim.

Kingfisher Pool, Waterfall


I LOVE that this place is called Waterfall, because that’s exactly what this gorgeous place was. Kingfisher Pool is a heaven, and man, I feel like it’s the kind of beauty that only locals know of. A bit of a further walk in, I thought it was difficult to navigate but I feel like the majority of the tracks led to the pools but if not, just follow the creek to where the water gathers to some beautiful pools that give some beautiful scenery. The track itself is also alright as it doesn’t climb or fall too much but goes through different types of Australian greenery, from the lush to the dry. Grab a few friends and make the walk down, I promise you it’s worth the walk (sorry the photos didn’t do it justice, I was just super keen to jump in).

Special Mention: Kyeemagh Beach (it’s pronunciation is still quite the mystery to me!)

Set your GPS to Kyeemagh Ave and play very close attention to the turn off to find a small beach with some incredible views of the planes flying in and out of Sydney airport. The water is surprisingly clear as this underrated beach isn’t one to get too many visitors. With the occasional dog splashing joyfully around the pond, Kyeemagh is a nice place for a not-so-quiet dip and an unconventional yet refreshing way to cool off in the summer.

Feel free to comment if you have any questions on how to get these or if you had any favourite swimming spots of your own! I’d love to hear them!

Love, Annette




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