Goodness, it’s been a while!

It’s been a while since I posted last and while I could blame that partially on my university studies, I’ll be more honest and say that it was mostly because I felt uninspired. But I thought I would update you all on my last 6 months focusing on the main change that I made in my lifestyle – joining a gym!

Looking back, I’m not entirely sure about how this came about but I’ve always been health conscious and I vaguely remember trying to get my friends to join a gym with me. While I did enjoy my running adventures, my knees were not too happy with running a few times a week and thought I might as well try something new. During the first week of semester, I tried out my local gyms to see which one I liked most and settled on the one at my university. I think the main reason I wanted to join the gym was for the variety or group fitness classes and while I’m alright at training myself, being in a class and with a coach was much more motivating for me. Luckily, the uni gym has a membership that gave me unlimited access to group fitness classes and I decided to trial things out with a three month membership. I was super excited to get started.

The first few weeks were great! I was going to about 4 – 5 classes a week which included pilates, boxing, body balance (pilates + taichi + yoga), cxworx (intense core) and body pump (barbells) which challenged me in different ways. My goal was to go to about 4 classes a week, which was do-able because some of the classes can range for about half an hour to an hour ranging with different intensity. However, later on in about Week 6, things got busy with mid-sems and various illnesses and I could only make it to about 2 (which I should cut myself some slack for) but was back on track in no time.

Now I may or may not be going off on a tangent here, but I think one of the key traits of some successful students I know is their balance between different aspects of their life, and for most part that is their fitness and studies. I think as a student there is so much temptation to skip out on training, or going to the gym the day before an assessment but I’ve found that for most part it is more beneficial to keep your mind multi-dimensional, and not just focus on the exam that you probably won’t remember in a year’s time. It’s also good stress relief.

I hope that gives anyone looking to join a gym in the new year a little more insight! Pop me a comment if you have any questions. 🙂


Love, Annette


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