Trying New Things Syndrome

Like starting kindergarten, starting a new skill can be intimidating and I guess that’s a double barrier from you having a new, and potentially wonderful, experience. Come hither introverts, this one is for those of us that are a little shy to try something new.

Earlier this semester a good friend of mine asked a bunch of us to start a social frisbee team and I thought why not? It would be a fun way to way to stay fit, it was only for half an hour and conveniently at uni with my friends.

Frisbee you may say? Is it even classified as a legit sport? I think frisbee is something a lot of people associate with a beach game, something you throw around at the park with your dog – but I’ve learned that it’s actually so much more than that. It has like rules and shit, many of which I don’t understand. So of course, I brought in my expert Ultimate Frisbee friend Chris (not Sweetheart #2) to show us what the go-show is.

1. What are the key rules of frisbee? (like, a really really short version)

Frisbee in a nutshell: 7-a-side played on a rectangular field with 2 endzones (resembles a rugby field without the posts). A goal is scored by catching the disc (frisbee) in the opponent’s endzone however players cannot move whilst in possession of the disc. The most notable part of Ultimate Frisbee is that there are no referees (even at world championships!) meaning all players are required to uphold the rules and spirit of the game.

2. If you wanted everyone to know one thing about Ultimate Frisbee what would it be?

Easily the most best part of ultimate is the people. Everyone you meet who plays or has played is so incredibly friendly, honest and is the type of person you want to hang out with at a weekend tournament or week night league. 
Thanks for clearing that up for us Chris!

I played my first game without having watched any frisbee and it was really fun – got to learn the basics of playing man-to-man, throwing my arms up distractingly while counting to 10 (very similar to netball, loving it) and how to catch a disc (kinda like a clap or like a crab).

Here are a few shots of my friends at uni, showing us how it’s kind of done.


And here’s the first video that comes up on Youtube when you type in Ultimate Frisbee.

I think for some people starting a new thing is not a big deal – but those of us who are quite timid and social awkward (such as myself), it’s pretty difficult. However, many of us (myself included) can be caught in a rut of a familiar routine often because of what I’m calling the Trying New Things Syndrome – common symptoms include hesitation and fear/anxiety in approaching foreign sports, communities or activities; causes include natural shyness or an introverted personality.

I remember this one time, my lecturer told us that mature age students struggle more at university and blamed it on their age when really it was just their lack of ability to learn at the rate they did when they were younger. If you keep learning new things at a good rate all throughout your life, your brain doesn’t really rest and hence continues to improve, a bit like the muscles in your body when you exercise.

Whether it’s with your food, your fitness routine or the things you do in your spare time, it’s so important to change things up because it really pushes your brain to think with new logic that you may not have used previously, hence exercising that brain muscle. This will keep you well on the way to self-improvement and consequentially, a better self-esteem.

Lesson learnt: I’m uncoordinated AF but I think I’m proud of myself for trying something new and a bit out of my comfort zone. But I guess the moral of the story is two-fold: go play a legit game of Ultimate Frisbee and don’t be afraid to try new things.

Update: Last game of the season, I caught the disc in the end zone! Much excite and much improvement since my first game.

Love, Annette


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